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Digital R&D, Manufacturing

OK Digital Co., Ltd.

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Products & solutions for customers

Digital Locker Lock 

OK Digital’s digital locker lock provides best security and stability including a two to three stage key management system, forced opening alarm, and imaginary number functions. Customers can store precious valuables with confidence.


With more than 20 years of R&D and manufacturing experience, we present you with suitable and efficient operation and management methods for the site, not just selling products.

OK Digital Co., Ltd.


OK Digital Co., Ltd. grows into a company that develops eco-friendly products that help the Earth's environment by constantly striving for customer satisfaction


1.  Try to have a win-win

    relationship between executives      and employees.
2.  Make professional suggestions

    to achieve better results.
3.  Make self-development that

    meets the company's goal.
4.  Work with the determination

    that nothing is impossible.

고객 솔루션

Corporate Identity

CI 금고 배경
OK Digital
  • CI shaped as a safe

  • Symbolized for robustness and high security 

  • Embodies a golden glow from the inside after the safe is opened (gold color represents the customer's precious value)

  • Store user's precious value and feel free always OK! (= Open Key)

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