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LF24-PL 정면
LF24-PL 프론트
LF24-PL 측면 크롬도금


Password Type Digital Locker Lock

All new!

Advanced design
digital locker lock

Pop-up In-use Indicator

Easy to find that
the locker is
in use or not in use.

사용중표시 기능 특허
팝업 사용중표시

Handle Type Front
(Trivalent Chromium Plated)


USB-C Emergency Power Port

Pickproof(anti-theft) Deadlatch Mechanism

데드레치 밀림방지 구조 특허
2단계 관리체계

Two Level
Management System

4 to 12 digit master & user password that supports imaginary number.
If the user lost his password, it can be opened with the master password, and the master password has unlock function only, so easy to check the last user.

Public Mode &
Private Mode

Use public mode when users are frequently changed. Use private mode when a user is assigned for the locker. 
Possible to change the password mode according to your environment.

일회성/영구성 기능
입력오류방지 키패드

Low Error Keypad

Optimal design keypad size and spacing prevents password errors 

Warning Alarms and Notifications Beeps

When the battery is almost runs-out, there will be a "Little Star" melody with
blinking battery LED indicator.
And, there will be strong alarm sound when forced open the locker.

00:00 / 00:06

Battery Alarm

00:00 / 00:06

Forced-open Alarm

24시간 타이머 열림 기능
24시간 타이머 열림 기능

Timer Auto-unlock

In public mode, can be set the auto-unlock timer between 1 and 24 hours.
Effectively reduce the management time.

LF24-PL 각부명칭과기능-영어.png
LF21-PL 사양-영어.png

User Guide

LF24-PL 사양
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