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RF Band KR11

  • ​Elastic and comfortable 13.56 MHz RF Band

  • ABS key body used in home appliances

  • Durable & eco-friendly TPU band 

  • Indelible laser imprint key number

  • Print the desired key number for small orders

  • ​Coil-shaped band comfortable for all ages

  • ​Can be used for LF12-RL, LF13-HL, LF23-HL

RF Card

13.56MHz RF Card

  • RF card for the managers and users

  • Owner, Master, User & Cleaner

  • Can be used for  LF12-RL, LF13-HL, LF23-HL    

  • ​See user's guide of the model

Emergency Kit 1.jpg

Emergency Kit

  • Opening with minimal product damage 

  • Customized drilling bit and 5mm + driver

  • Can be used for all OK Digital's locker lock

  • See user's guide of the model

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