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LF21-PL, LF23-HL 다이캐스팅 핸들 프론트

Upgrade Your Security with an Electronic Cabinet Lock

The front of the premium digital locker lock LF20 series is made of strong and soft die-casting material, so you can feel the comfortable grip while you hold the handle.

팝업 사용중표시
Electronic Cabinet Lock

The pop-up in-use indicator ensures the best convenience

The innovative in-use indicator mechanism of LF20 is a patented technology that pops up the indicator when the locker is in use and slide in when not in use.

USB-C 포트
locker lock

Don't panic
and use the
USB-C port.

There will be a melody "little star" when the battery is almost runs out. If the battery is not replaced, it will completely discharge and stop working. At this time, use USB-C port by connecting the external battery of your smartphone.

keyless cabinet lock

You can feel
more relieved

Typical digital locker lock can be opened by pushing the deadbolt by inserting an awl into the door gap. So there is always a risk of theft. Reforced plastic deadlatch of LF20 is designed with patented pickproof mechanism.
Now use LF20 with confidence.

LF20 시리즈

Get a chance to
highlight your identity

Your logo or company name will be laser-engraved on the front of the product. Customers will remember your logo or company name whenever they use the locker.

(Optional. Contact us separately.)

locker lock
cabinet lock
digital locker lock

All New Premium
Digital Locker Lock

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